Equally enamored with the tranquility of a simple life and the opulence of elaborate aesthetics, our cherished moments unfold in a café, where we relish oat milk lattes and exchange the latest melancholic love poem that has crossed our path. Subsequently, we delve into fresh projects, immersing ourselves in creative pursuits. Whether finding delight within the confines of home with Florence + the Machine as a melodic backdrop or meandering through the historic streets of our beautiful city, our joy is simple yet heartfelt.

We draw boundless inspiration from the realms of art and psychology, and our excitement peaks when our minds encounter new avenues of knowledge, broadening our understanding of the world. Photography serves as a means for us to imbue purpose into our creations, capturing moments that endure. Above all, taking a photograph is a profound connection between human beings. Our mission is to craft imagery that stirs emotions, evokes longing, and presents unique perspectives on life – ultimately, rekindling self-love in individuals through the potent art of photography.

Situated in Leipzig, Germany, we, Ronja J. Waßmuth (*91) and Victor Hamke (*87), have collaborated with clients and photographers throughout Europe for almost a decade. Our work revolves around the intersection of cinema and classical paintings. With light and shadow telling their tales. As we stand on the threshold of new adventures, our curiosity remains ever-piqued.

Former official Fujifilm Photographers.
Former Capture One Ambassadors.
Hasselblad Masters 2018.

About Us