Equally in love with the beauty of a quiet, simple life as with the most elaborate aesthetic decadence, our happy place is sitting in a café, sipping oat milk lattes and sharing the last melancholic love poem we've come across, before venturing on to work on new projects and getting lost in creative pursuits. Finding joy in being at home with Florence + the Machine playing in the background or strolling through the old streets of our beautiful city. Simple and heartfelt.

We find an endless well of inspiration in art and psychology and feel most excited when our minds discover something new to learn, expanding our understanding of the world.
Photography helps us create purpose and something that lasts. Taking a photograph of someone is first of all connection between human beings. We live to create imagery that evokes feelings, longing, and unique perspectives on life. To make people fall in love with themselves again - the true power of photography.

Based in Leipzig, Germany, we - Ronja J. Waßmuth (32) and Victor Hamke (36) - have been working with clients and photographers all across Europe for almost a decade. Art at the intersection of cinema and old paintings form the golden thread of our work. Secrets told by light and shadow. We are deeply curious to see which new adventures lie ahead.
Former official Fujifilm Photographers.
Former Capture One Ambassadors.
Hasselblad Masters 2018.

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